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Hi, i'm knowledgeable contestant, i really like to play soccer, and follow the sport. i do know a way to opt for an honest ball. return on  I did reviews on the balls so you'll opt for what you wish. soccer is compete everywhere: in capital of the Russian Federation yards and in favelas of DE Janeiro|Rio|city|metropolis|urban center} de Janeiro, in African villages and round the Arctic Circle ... the recognition of the sport is additionally thanks to the simplicity of its inventory. you'll play soccer in any garments, shoes and (even barefoot!), while not gates and markings. however the ball should be needed. outwardly totally different solely in coloring, the balls will have a very totally different device. What must you comprehend this and wherever should you begin by reaching to the store? the most factor - to grasp what reasonably coverage are going to play. is that the grass natural or artificial, soil or asphalt, fashionable on the yards, snow or picket floor within the gym? for every of those coatings made their own balls, per the characteristics considerably totally different from one another. There are 3 international quality standards for balls, developed by FIFA at the side of the specialists of the Danish company choose. Typically, skilled and semi-professional models are tested. If you see the FIFA Inspected emblem on the ball (“checked by FIFA”), then it passed six tests and meets all the essential parameters: weight, circle diameter, sphericity, pressure loss, wetness absorption and rebound. The no-hit seventh take a look at - to keep up the form and size once 2000 strikes against a plate - offers the correct to place a FIFA Approved sign up the ball (“FIFA approved”). except for the employment of those logos you wish to pay a world federation, therefore these balls are often up to twenty p.c costlier than similar ones, however not tested for quality. Therefore, there's additionally the IMS ("international ball standard"), that is mostly in line with the content of FIFA Inspected. In high-quality balls, the frame consists of ployurethan and microfiber lined with a nonwoven material, a lot of proof against wear. to cut back the price, several makers, additionally to commutation ployurethan with PVC, build the surface dilutant and, so as to fulfill the quality in weight, use chemical compound foam as a filler. however it's AN unpleasant property to soak up wetness, that considerably impairs the characteristics of the ball once enjoying - balance, handling ... you must additionally concentrate to the camera material. The ideal, however additionally the foremost dear choice - natural latex, that is healthier and quicker to recover kind once a strike and provides an ideal rebound. per the quality, such a rebound ought to be 120–165 cm once the ball falls from a two-meter height. to cut back the price used chemical group camera. continually happy to assist.